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A Cristiano Ronaldo ice sculpture has been unveiled in Russia ahead of the World Cup

From bronze to ice: a new Ronaldo sculpture has been erected for the Ledovaya Moskva festival

According to the Moscow Times, 2,000 tons of ice from Lake Baikal and other lakes nearby were used to make 40 football-related statues, with a chunk of it being used on Ronaldo.

The Ledovaya Moskva festival has been taking place since December 29 and runs until January 8, and its sculptures are representing the 32 nations who’ll play at the World Cup in Russia this summer.

Predictably, it didnt’ take long for fans to compare Ronaldo’s ice sculpture to his infamous bust at Madeira airport (but whether or not it’s better than that we’ll leave up to you).

And hey, at least ice melts…



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