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Quiz! How many of the 54 scorers from the last 20 years of Liverpool vs Man United games can you name?

All the swagger of the north-west derby this weekend – but can you name the men who’ve scored the goals in this classic fixture?

There’s bragging rights for both sides as we totalled up the strikes for the last two decades of Liverpool-Man United clashes. LFC take top spot thanks to a player who has nine career goals against the red side of Manchester.

Yet United boast the greater breadth, with 29 scorers to Liverpool’s 25. They’ve also won about 10 league titles in that time, which some might say gives them the edge – but not us. This game, even when it isn’t a title dealbreaker, always has its own edge.

Whether it be in the Premier League, a domestic cup or (for the first time in 2016) in European competition, these are the players who’ve made themselves heroes/villains to each set of fans.

Get guessing – we’ll give you ‘own goals’ (four) as soon as you start – based on each player’s total and national team. Then let us know how you did @FFTArabia, and challenge some pals too. Cheers kid.


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