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Watch: The various in-stadium reactions to Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Juventus

Here’s the analysis Ronaldo’s goal deserved…

There might not be anybody left in the world who hasn’t seen this goal. Fair enough, it’s pretty special.

However, Spanish television ran a feature last night showing a variety of reactions as it went in.

(From 00:28 onwards. Our favourite at 2:23)


Sometimes mutual love-ins from crowds can be a bit nauseating, but this was actually quite touching: there’s nothing laboured about the Juventus fans’ response to the goal because – frankly – what else were they really supposed to do? It’s quite a refreshing change of pace to see and hear something other than frothing loathing and complaints about referees.

Gareth Bale aside – come on, at least look vaguely impressed Gareth – the responses of Andrea Barzagli, Isco and Zinedine Zidane are wonderful… as are the expressions on the faces of a few close ball boys.

Fabulous – and Ronaldo’s own nod of appreciation is touching too. That might even be the first time in his career that he’s looked truly humbled.


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